50's Housewife ... Getting Back On The Horse

I seem to have just stopped. The little experiment that was suppose to be so easy became more than i thought it would be. Tons of people, some who don't even follow my blog, emailed me wanting to know my next step. I have gotten a few emails recently asking if i would start over or continue. After giving it a lot of thought and really thinking through my blogging free time, i am excited to say i will be able to get back to this experiment.

This time it will be a little different though. I have goals that i want to achieve, task that i want to complete, and projects that have been sitting here for what seems like forever. Along with that i want to teach myself a better way of doing my day to day must haves. Cleaning, laundry, meals and budgeting. I can not be who i want with less stress and not running around like a chicken with my head cut off unless i have a better understanding of what it is im trying to achieve. Truth be told, i am not nor do i do all the things a mom/wife should. I make up for it with the things i actually do do but am left with no excuse for the things i don't do.

               So some of the goals that i want to achieve this time around are:
* better time management
* finishing task that i have started
* blogging on a regular bases ( at the very least update regularly)
* take back my home! (cooking cleaning and over all feel of my home)
* become a even better mom
* attend church again
* bring back the values that i once worked so hard for and stop
      living the life everyone else finds acceptable.

So there it is. Keeping it simple this time. Or so i HOPE!

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