28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas - Tip #9

Tip #9

This time of year everyone feels
the need to have to spend lots of money.
The stores have made Christmas into the must have
holiday, where everything everyone should have is there for us 
to buy and spend lots of money on. 
Lets take a moment to really look at what we can 
truly afford. Most times we charge things or even borrow money to buy gifts.
This year make your gift list for those you want to buy for with things we can afford.
Don't feel like you have to buy a gift for everyone you know. 
Cards still go a long way.
 Do not spend what you do not have. 

Bonus Tip 
The best gifts are the ones from the heart.
Those who say different are just in it for the gift not the love behind it.
When giving Christmas cards this year add a family recipe you know 
your friend has been wanting, or a coupon to babysit for a couple to have a date night.
There is always something you can add to a card to make it a little extra special. 

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