28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas- Tip #6

Tip #6

*tip 15 also is this reminder because for some reason we forget this one 

Get all the things you need to mail together.
This is the time that you need
to get the final things together.
Mail day in most cities is the 11th - 22nd,
check here for your day.

Most post offices have a final day to mail packages
and cards that will guarantee
Christmas delivery.
Take the time to check what your date at your local
post office is and start getting all the last
min. packages and cards ready to go.

Bonus Tip
Because Christmas cards go on sale the day
after Xmas, buy a box or two
address them to those you received a
card from because the address are available and handy.
Put a forever stamp on them
and they are ready to go for next year.
Makes Xmas cards less of a task next year.

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