28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas - Tip #10

Tip #10

It seems like it never stops. 
Do not feel like you home has to be perfect for your guest.
Everyone who you would invite to your home, 
including your MIL know how well you keep you home.
Going over the top making sure everything is 
in the right place that all the closet aren't stuffed with 
clutter just isn't needed. 

Your home is decorated, there maybe dirty dishes 
even dirty clothes . Take a few minutes each day to just straighten up.
Your regular way of cleaning will do just fine. 
After that throw off the cleaning garb and relax. 
Enjoy the holidays as much as you can. 
That is what the holidays are made for.

Bonus Tip
Do not change your day to day 
way of doing for the holiday. 
You will most likely accomplish 
more if you stick to what you know best.

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