28 Days to a Stress Free Christmas - Tip #16

 Tip #16

Lots of time around this time of year our
children ask us what the meaning of 
Christmas is. Most of the time we can explain it 
but sometimes we just don't know what to say.
Take a moment to think about what the holidays mean
to you and what you want it to mean to your kids.
Then you can more easily tell your kids the "meaning" 
of Christmas from your point of view. 

Bonus Tip
Some kids no longer believe in Santa and ask
the one question as parents we don't look forward to.
Instead of working so hard in making them 
believe, simply show them your
belief in the holidays and what maybe share 
with them a story about what made you believe in Santa.
Always a fun moment sharing about your childhood and maybe gaining
another year of Christmas {Santa} magic. 

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