Lunch At Teriyaki Madness ... yum

Teriyaki Madness has the most flavorful Asian menu. With the freshest meat, high quality vegetables, and some of the best tasting sauces making for delicious food. With some of the best staff you can find in Las Vegas, the eating experience is spectacular. Teriyaki Madness was honored with the "Best of Las Vegas" award for Fresh Asian dishes.

My children and I were invited to enjoy a delicious lunch. We joined April's soccer team at the Buffalo location where they got to film a commercial and enjoy great company. We all tried something different. My children tried a junior beef bowl and a junior teriyaki bowl. The junior bowl is big enough for me to enjoy. I enjoyed a regular bowl of katsu chicken. All of us got a choice of white rice or brown rice and a choice of veggies. Absolutely yum! We found a table and waited for our food that was brought to us shortly after we ordered. The staff came and gave it to us with a smile. 

 This is a junior bowl of katsu chicken.

The team and family enjoying Teriyaki Madness.

Some people have said that the service I boast about at any place I go to is great because they know they may be written about. So for this review I put it to the test. I went back, when they weren't expecting me. I brought two friends with me and we all paid for our own meals. So this is where my review comes in. The service was impeccable. We were each greeted with a smile, asked how our day was going and our order was taken. We sat and chatted as we were waiting for our food. Brought to us with a smile we dug in. Food was beyond delicious as I knew it would be and my friends and I enjoyed our lunch together. We each got a different junior bowl. Which we all agreed were very good. The have this red bottle sitting on the table filled with what I want to call "special" teriyaki sauce. After we finished we stayed for a while, not feeling like we were being rushed out. 

Service can always be good when someone knows they are being watched. Yet when you can get that same service any time that you go in, that's when you know its a great company. 
Take the time to stop by Teriyaki Madness and enjoy one of their meals. 
Great food, even better service.

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