Havanna's Birthday Weekend

Havanna as Alice
She was super excited when her grandma surprised 
her with her outfit for her party.

This year the cake was kept simple
and stuck to Havanna's favorites for the food.
All the kids dressed up. 
Havanna: Alice
April: White Rabbit
Tatiana: Tweedledee
Cristofer: Tweedledum 

Some of Havanna's friends that were able to 
come and enjoy the fun. Taking pictures "inside" the 
tea cup Havanna's daddy made.
Some of Havanna's guest even dressed up.

Then this morning as my in laws are getting ready to leave,
my kids went hat crazy. Grandma went shopping for hats.
I thought it was super cute. 

I got to spend time with my little mamas. 
She is getting so big now. 
She is all smiles and laughs.
 I already miss her.