Happy Thanksgiving 2012

Happy Thanksgiving!!
Today is the day you gather with family, enjoy catching 
up with each other and have a delicious meal.
Today you are reminded of what you are 
thankful for. Give thanks for not only what you have
but also for the things you have been spared. 
Life is short we are given one and we should count our blessing
and be thankful not only today but everyday.

Enjoy you family and friends this holiday!
Be safe and encourage lots of smiles.

This month my children and I did a few different activities 
and talked about what thanksgiving is all about. 
We took the time to list out the things we are thankful for
and had fun making projects showcasing just those things.
It always amazes me what my kids are thankful for. 
I am very proud that they have a good understanding 
of what thankfulness is. 

One of the projects we did. 
Super fun learning about 
all of what they are thankful for.

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