Update -- The kids

With the kids in a new school, me just about to finish school, new soccer club, a second softball team, gymnastics ( woohooo finally ), and a whole lot of life happening ... it seems like I am starting over.

       The kids started school off with out a miss step. They both love their new teachers, classrooms and class mates, as well as the school itself. I am not sure yet how much a fan I am!? We shall see as time goes. I do know one thing though, there are some amazing people there. With every great person there are always the few you wish you could do with out. I am just happy to have someone running the school that knows what they are doing.
       April has had a few hiccups with her grades... do not fret she is already picking them back up to her normal A honor roll. She is doing great in soccer. Her coaches are leading her in the right directions. I think the change for her is now having a challenge, something I do not think she was getting before.
      Havanna is adjusting well. Already well known for her goofiness and funny side. She is growing smarter and smarter each day, as long as she wants to show it and challenge herself i suspect she will be getting a great report card. She has made so many friends, and is loving it. Her 7th birthday is right around the corner and she can not wait for her Alice and Wonderland themed party. I think we counted something like 30+ kids coming. She started Gymnastics and excelled right away. I always knew it was what she was meant to do.
       Tatiana is so ready for school. I think she is mentally keeping a calender count down to when she will be able to go. She is learning her Alphabet in Spanish thanks to her sisters, who now take Spanish at school. She is becoming more and more imaginative as each day passes. My girly girl by far if I say so myself. She is truly my mini me. I do not know what I will do when she is sixteen {start saying your prayers for me now} but we will deal with that when it comes along. She is still my little singer, always learner a new song.
      Cristofer is such a big boy now. So solid and strong. He thinks at times that he is the big brother. Poor boy gets it from three older sisters. He is in love with his Thomas the Train still and is becoming a fan of all hot wheels. He sits there with all of them going crazy if one goes missing. He is a joker, always trying to make you laugh. I look forward to seeing which sport he chooses to go into. He is learning Spanish as well. Already knowing his colors and numbers and even all his shapes. Hes a smart boy.
       That is the catch up on my kids for now. Life has been busy but a blessing. I have been thinking about coming back full time to blogging once life slows down. I miss writing for the Christian blog i was apart of { love that they still have me down as a team member.. a loving group of people } and I miss reading all the blogs i follow. Only time will tell how much i get into it before the start of the new year.... we shall see :)

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