What To Expect When Your Expecting - Review

It all started when Heidi Murkoff during her first pregnancy,
couldn’t find answers to her questions or reassurance for
her worries in the books she’d turned to for
much-needed advice
. Murkoff wanted
to write a guide that would help other expectant parents be at
ease during their pregnancies. Murkoff delivered the proposal
What to Expect When You’re Expecting just hours before
delivering her daughter, Emma

The "Pregnancy Bible" was born!!
According to USA Today,
What To Expect When Expecting (WTE) is
read by 93% of readers reading a pregnancy book.
WTE has expanded from books to internet all the way to mobile,
helping moms with questions and concerns.

I have had 5 high risk pregnancies, all of which i read
WTE. Even after the first pregnancy i had many questions.
It was very comforting to find answers in simple terms
that i could understand, easing my mind.
I even took it to the hospital when i went into labor.
{{ Easier to read then to ask (: }}
What To Expect When Expecting
is simply the book to have when you are
bringing a wonderful bundle of joy in to this world.

Not Pregnant yet? Yet you still have questions...
Pick up What To Expect Before Your Expecting ,
and for after birth:
What To Expect The First Year and
What To Expect The Second Year

WTE is a great gift for any expecting mom and those
trying to conceive. These books can be found in most all
stores making it one of the easiest books to buy.
Get a copy from your local store, for your Reader/Tablet, iPhone or iPod
or at Amazon.

This is 100% the opinion of
for the love of 4
I was compensated for my post.

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