School Is Back - Crazy Time Is Over

The classrooms are all put together, teachers are well rested and the kids ready to get back to their friends. While it was nice having the girls home, I have to admit that it nice to have our schedule back on task.

My children work better when they have homework, their sport or extra activity and structured fun time. Long breaks don't work well for us. The girls packed their bags and picked out their clothes all the night before. Come this morning they were up early and wanting to get to school already. At least that tells me they enjoy being there.

As a parent I want my children to feel right at home. I opted out of full time home school so that they could have that time away and learn for themselves in real life situation. Mommy can't always be there.

So to say the least first day back after just over 2 weeks went well. Home work done as well as reading. Kids are getting for bed and looking forward for story time.

How was you winter break and first day back to school/work??

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