Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday to You

It's Christmas Eve, a time to celebrate. In my household we are baking cookies, wrapping last second gifts, planning which movies we will watch and looking forward to putting out cookies for Santa. That sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Christmas Eve has a little bit more of a meaning for me. My nephew Klassic was born on 12/24 and passed away 9/2010. We celebrate his birthday and his short lived life.

His passing taught me something, that i am reminded of each and every time I think of him. Christmas is not about how many presents you receive or even give. It's not about if you have a belief in Jesus or if you don't. It's simply about being gracious and thankful.

In our home we celebrate this as a day of giving, life, and love. This is a day for all Nations to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and even though we might not all agree on the day of his birth, its nice to have one day we all can celebrate it TOGETHER. It's a time for families to take off of work, gather together and enjoy one another. Remember this today, life is short and enjoy each day as it is given to you. He decides the length of our life's but we can decided the quality. Show a little more love, kindness and compassion to one another. Care enough to smile, and laugh enough to enjoy!

Merry Christmas from my household to yours. On this day of remembering, celebrating and love you are in my heart!

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