November - A Month of Yum

Its that time of year when we are looking forward to yummy food, time with family and
Black Friday. I have already started getting things together for Thanksgiving.
We will be spending it with family and i will be helping them cook there.
Yes !! That means Thanksgiving is a whole lot easier on me this year.

This November we will be making a well needed trip back to California. Seeing special people,
enjoying the holiday and shopping for deals.
The kids and I will be making different projects to take with us. To help decorate for
grandpa Nando's birthday.

This month take the time to remember family. To remember what you are thankful for
and all those who make a difference in your life.
Take a little time to make a difference yourself. To do something selfless for
someone in need.

This month there is no 3in30 even though i said i would bring it back.
There will be a few special post such as, family pics, guest blog spotlights and more.
Enjoy your November!! Christmas is just around the corner.

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