It's Nice to Be a Champion


I was asked to come play on a new team with two of my closet friends.
They are basically family, so how could i say no.
I was worried, just coming off of a undefeated team,
if I even wanted to play or not play with the team I was on.
But it was time with good people and a chance
to keep moving and not feel so old!

First game we didn't do so good!!!
Just a placement game though.
We had an undefeated season and one tie (not a loss)
which was perfect.
then i found out we actually play for a trophy!!

First game was rocky but we all pulled together as a team and
kicked but. Came back from a 13-4 loss and won by 1.
Final score 14-13!!

Second game was way more fun!
It was a tough game to.
We had a team fighting their hardest to win...
Final score 11-8 I believe.

Fun times.
Great people!
Happy to be a Champ!!

Thanks to my team mates for letting
me be the new kid on the block!!
I had fun!!

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