Having Fun Going Back in Time

My oldest April has been watching me get dolled up lately. Every time she ask the same question, " mom will you do me up like a 50's girl to?" so this past week I did. We were going out to dinner and I was already as she calls it "dolled up" and taking a few extra mins to make her smile was right up my alley!!

I think it's fun that she is interested in the same things I am. I had fun doing her hair. I think she has the perfect look to pull it off.


Then there was my buddy who had a wedding renewal and it was right up my alley. It was a rockabilly themed wedding and I was asked to do the brides hair and makeup.


Pin curled



Finished look

Beautiful right?!!?!

I kept it simple and went with an easy look for myself.

It was fun sharing my love of 50's with my daughter an helping a friend.


  1. awwwww How fun! Your daughter looks so cute!!

  2. Thank you !!! it was fun. This morning she asked once again. So today she went to school with a simply page boy hair due. We will see how long it last :)

  3. LOVED my hair & makeup! Thank you so much. I got so many compliments that night & on the pics