Havanna's SpongeBob Party

All my birthday girl wanted was a day in Bikini Bottom.
Family, friends and school mates all came to celebrate Havanna.
With yummy krabby Patties and spatula relay race,
fun was to be had.
We danced to A Tooty Ta and
enjoyed each others company.

After a all night unsuccessful baking mishap,
i went out and got cupcakes for the kids.
I was given an awesome idea by a special person to make the characters
out of different flavors. SpongeBob being the favorite of the party.
Havanna absolutely loved her cake!
The kids got a sugar high from the cupcakes, the over-sized
pinjata of SpongeBob (not pictured) and the goodie bags.

Havanna at her goofiness

making her wishes

Trying to get the ball back wit out dropping it.

It was a fun party with lots of great people there.
Havanna Enjoyed herself and so did her friends.
There is nothing more that i can ask for then that.

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  1. How precious, my children Love Sponge Bob also! Happy birthday to your daughter!