Birthday Planning - Havanna's birthday bash

With a birthday fast approaching, the planning is non stop. My sanity sucker wants sponge bob ... : / ya i am not a fan. This is her first big party she gets to choose, so i am all for what ever makes her smile. Homemade is the way we are going. Once again the cake/cupcakes will be made at home plus all the goody bags. We will have games like the spatula run and the crabby paddy race...

Nothing is final yet but it tons of fun planning for my little mini me !!


  1. Lol. I know what you mean about spongebob but like you said, it's her party so she calls the shots. I love homemade things too but sometimes it gets too hectic going that route. Kudos to you to choose to make your stuff at home. Good luck in the planning!

  2. thank you !!! its a challenge but i have a little help in the creative department. a friend of mine came up with a few cake ideas :) makes it a lot easier on my brain