Baking Turned Math

Tonight we are baking for Havanna's mini class party. With a yummy special flavor picked out, I thought it would be fun to turn it into a math activity. Teaching the girls measurements as the mix the ingredients. The difference between a 1 cup and a 1/4 of a cup and why a certain amount of one ingredient is needed.

Making even sized cupcakes can be easy. Some use an ice cream scoop but I used a tbs and scooped in 2 tbs into each cup. If you go past half point you run the risk of the cupcakes not fully cooking.

The icing was the fun part. Another yummy request, with a little yellow added to it. You can use a ziplock back with the tip cut off, but because I bake often I have a pipping bag. Start from the center and work your way out for a flat design or from the edge to center for a more fluffy design.

Tomorrow will be fun watching my little monkey enjoy being 6 with her friends.

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