As They Grow- I Grow

Watching my kids grow up is fascinating. Seeing all the funny, silly and not so cute things they do makes it all worth it. There have been those days when i have lost sleep, couldn't eat and just straight out felt like I couldn't breathe. Every mom has those days. Some can own up to them some push them under the rug. Yes, I have wished Ebay would let me sell them :).

Even on those days, I simply look at my children. Each different in their own right and fall in love. I remember why its not worth getting mad, or raising my voice. I remember why I love getting dirty and rolling on the ground with them. I remember those moments when my kids say, "your the best mommy ever!".

April is now a little lady with the most dorkiest personality you will ever see. This year she lucked out and found her self a great teach who lets her express herself and have some freedom when it comes to who she wants to be. April is a friend maker. She is sweet and out going. Everyone loves to have April around. She works hard at school, setting her own goals and fighting hard to stick to them. This year besides her straight A's and E's she wants perfect attendance and citizenship awards. April is rocking it out on her soccer team. What a great group of girls!! She is my oldest but is my baby. Those moments we get to cuddle in total peace is healing to my soul!!

Havanna now 6. Wow where did the time go!?! She is such a loving big personality type of kid. She is naturally a goof ball and enjoys making everyone around her laugh. Havanna, now in school, enjoys learning and making her very own friends. She is awesomely great at telling a joke. She will be a star one day. Havanna will be starting gymnastics soon. Something she is already so good at. She has a kind heart and is always looking to make you a friend. She is very in to God wanting to teach everyone she can about Him. Havanna loves to eat even though we have yet to figure out where she puts it all. A running joke with close family friends is how hungry she always is. Havanna is amazing and she makes me remember what true silliness is all about. She causes me to smile even when at the moment i don't think its possible.
Tatiana my 3 1/2 year old who is my mini me. If ever a child could remind me so much of me it would be her. Tatiana is a sweet child but you must now she is a tough cookie. She is a loving little girl who can be a rough and tumbled kind of kid with the best of them. She is always wanting her "apple pie" that her grandpa George got her addicted to. Tatiana is a smart little girl waiting for her turn to got to school. She is my music child. Tatiana can listen to a song once and know the words. She loves to sing and dance and enjoys the good fun times in her day. Tatiana has brought to light the need to stop and enjoy the small moments in my day. She is a fighter but most of all a lover.
Cristofer is my baby. 2 1/2 now hes getting big. HE is mommys little football player. My son has become a master of getting away with things. He is my only child who has ever repeated things he shouldn't and made us laugh before correcting his naughty behavior. Cristofer is a fighter by all means. With 3 big sisters could you expect anything less. He is the child who reminds me everyday that a hug is all it takes. He makes me smile and encourages me to stay grounded. Just when i thought i had the parenting thing figured out, he comes along and switches up the game. Cristofer is shy and reserved but once he knows you he will talk you ear off. He is a welcome addition to my heart and his smile warms my day!!

My family is my family, with every mishap and happy moment and everything in between. I love watching my kids grow and learning about them everyday. Seeing who they are becoming and watching the chocies they make. Being a mom is way more then what i thought it would be. I may have lost my self somewhere in the mix but i find my self daily in each one of them. The are my sanity, they are my heart. With each beat of theirs there is a beat of mine. I am a blessed woman and i am learning to take a look each at each day and smile. The picture is pretty neat when i slow down enough to watch it.


  1. They are so cute! My baby is turning 19 next week. Time flies so enjoy them while you can:)

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