Working towards my - 10

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So i am on a mission to lose 10 lbs this month.
2 lbs more then what is recommended,
but very do-able. I plan on walking 1-3 miles
everyday along side my daily running around and
house chores with the kids ( yup that all burns calories too ).
I also plan on using what i learned from a friend
of mine who is doing the new weight watchers.
I have my points and i plan on sticking to them.
This is by no means the way i plan to lose all the
weigh i want to but this is the way i
choose to go about this week.
One of my 3in30.

I have always been told that i look 30-40 lbs less
then what i actually am. I think its people just
being nice :) !! I do not have a number goal that
i am trying to achieve, because no matter what size
or weight i am i want to be happy with me.
This means at any size. I have a favorite pair of
jeans that i would love to get back into so that is my goal.
When you stick to losing numbers you tend to never be happy.
Always hoping for 5 more. My pants will do. Its the getting
healthy part that matters to me :).

Are you on a weight lose journey?
A few of my blogging real life friends are too....
Check out the missions they are on.
Show some love for the success they have made.
I am wishing you all the best in your journey.
Leave a link in the comments so i can stop by
and support your journey.

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