Thoughtful Thursday

Today i went with my father and youngest two to go pick up Havanna. I knew she would be happy to see her grandpa there to pick her up. When i seen them get closer to the car, she flew from grandpas hand and ran to give me a hug.Its so funny how much the little ones can miss you when given the chance to. When we got home i asked her why was it that she missed me so much and she told me about the kissing hand story she has been reading. When i seen how she was visually telling me i had her do it a second time so that i could take a picture of just how cute she really is. This is what my monkey looks like when she is being beyond sweet. She was explaining where you place the kiss so when i miss her all i have to do is place my palm to my cheek and i would feel her love.

This is why i am a mom. These sanity sucking blessing are truly worth every minute of lost sleep, tired days, long nights, runny noses and all that other wonderful mommy stuff. I couldn't have it any other way!!