September 3in30 and Monthly Goals

This month, with the start of school, i will be
keeping my goals at a minimum. I will not put a
full plate in front of me :) i learned my
lesson from last month.

This month is going to be all about projects.
We will do at least one project a week every
Wednesday as a family.
That will equal 4 projects for this month

My goals for this month are:
1.projects with family
2.read two books a day with kids
3.blog at least 10 times this month
4.continue flying with Flylady
5. complete my 3in30 (look below)
6.loss 10 lbs this month
7.read four books of my own
8. devotional time and bible studies
9. a better priced menu for this month
10. laundry :/ ( keep it moving)

What will you be doing this September?
Anything special planned?

My 3in30 last month was fun so i
knew i wanted to do it again this month!!
View last months here.
Don't forget you can see all of my
3in30 post here.

This month i am going to skip homemaking
and jump on over to 3 personal goals.
While i still need to menu plan
i think i got that down as a habit now.
So this month i will work on these:

1. 30 mins of personal time a day
2. work on my personal blogs that i
have not been on for what seems like forever
3. sleep!!! to enjoy sleep and get enough sleep each day!
( this is a big challenge for me)

So lets do it!! What are your 3in30 for September?

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