National Grandparents Day

In loving memory to everyone who was lost on 9/11 I celebrate you with teaching love!
Our family is very blessed to have 3 grandparents for our 4 children.

The hubs parents, Grandma Silvia and Grandpa Fernando ( grandpa Nando) are awesome! They make that 5 hour sometimes even longer drive from Los Angeles Cali. often to spend time with their grandchildren. Grandma teaches the girls how to cook, interacts with them with fun songs and games and always has a new and interesting educational gift for them each time she comes. I accredit her for some of the smarts my kids have :) !! Grandpa Nando is my kids favorite Mr. Itchy face. April can remember all the way back to 1 when she use to take nightly walks with him. Its still a favorite to this day, with all the children wanting their walking time with grandpa. Grandpa even does tea parties!! He's always full of fun and love spoiling his grand kids with love all the time.

Then there is Grandpa George, my father whom my hubs affectionately calls pops, that has moved out here for his retirement to be closer to his grand kids. My father has almost a dozen grand kids in between my brothers kids and mine. He will roll on the floor, help you feed ducks, play cars and even changes diapers. He loves these kids as though they were his own. It is a true blessing to have him here to help raise our children. The things he teaches them are invaluable!

Educational and Crafting links:

Apples 4 The Teacher (crafts)
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we loved this video last year and i wanted to
share... kids cant wait to see what this years is :)

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