Vlog (First ever) Household Notebook

This is my first time making a vlog and i
hope there will be more to come.
I will always try to keep the videos short
and have whatever information
you may want here in the post.


Part one: Household Notebook

Part two Control Journal

I have a good size planner because my goal is to
keep everything in one place. This makes it a lot
easier for me to get to the things i need
to use on a daily, weekly and monthly manner.
I intentionally plan every Sunday with one of my
closet friends, Kelly over at Finding Joy In Vegas.
The meaning of intentionally planning to me is
that i plan my day to day schedule to put God and
my family first in life. So i plan all
things around those two things.

In my planner i have used printouts from:
The Intentional Planner
(there is a $5 member fee, well worth it)
Tip Junkie
The Organized Housewife
Organized Home

These are just a few of the sites i used for my notebook.
There are millions, it just takes a little time
to find the printables that you like.
I am working on making my own.

The way i organized my binder was
by how i would use it most.
I put everything into piles on my table.
I put them into like categories.
Once i got through all the sections i knew i wanted
i then combined some of the.
I mean who wants a 20 million inch binder right?? :)
I put my binder together with the important not so personal
stuff first then went from there.
I knew i wanted my most personal towards the back.

The sections in my binder are

The Good Life
(where i also put my meal plans)
Home n Auto
Health Care

Your sub dividers will differ from mine.
Put what you think goes well in each section.
For example i knew i wanted school in my
Kids section because it is about them.
I wanted anything to do with day to day life in my
Calendar section because i wanted to access that
everyday. In other sections i put things that were needed.

The Flylady Control Journal is simply to put
together with step by step directions on
Flylady. Stop by a search around her site.
Very helpful tips there!

If you have any question about either binder or helpful
tips on how to build yours just email me.

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