My Under $7 Dinner

I was challenged by a friends today to feed my family of 7
for only $1 buck per person. Yup your reading that right$7 bucks!!
To bad this person didn't know i am a frugal mama!!

Homemade Sloppy Joe's

everything that is needed for the main dish
Bread $.69
Meat $1.89
Stagg Chili $.48 each
Corn $.25
Garlic $0
total for main dish = $3.79

Brown the meat and add garlic to taste

Once browned drain grease

Add Stagg Chili

Fold in corn

Finished main dish

side dish
Bag of salad $.50
Tomatoes $.29
Dressing $0
(always on hand)
Total for side dish= $.79

rinse well before,
dice tomatoes and add to salad

for my dieting reasons
i only used a 1/4 cup of dressing

mix well

add homemade croutons

serve a fair amount on top of bread

Dinners Done
Its a family favorite

Meal Total with taxes = $5.21


  1. LOL, Remind me NEVER to challenge you to anything Claudia.. You are amazing!!!