First day of School and The End of Summer

Today i sent off two of my children to school. It was most different coming home and only having two to teach. While Havanna will only be gone 2 shorts hours, she isn't here. I am looking forward to teaching Tatiana and Cristofer one on one. It should be interesting to she how it goes.

The girls ready for their first day.

Havanna N April cheesing it.

My Second Grader

She is such a big girl

Havanna with her 80's hair do
(crimps n all)
we fixed it and put a regular one
for school

silly goof ball

Tatiana with the cutest shirt ever

If you know Tati n Cris then you

know how well this fits

For morning lessons, homework and preschool

The kids jumped right in

Cristofer Cheesing it

loving her new glasses
Off to school they went

With her Apple for her teacher

With her cool teacher

Havanna lined up and ready for the day

At her seat ready to go asking me
to leave so she can learn

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