A Rant Within A Rant Within A Rant

So I mentioned something on my facebook (that by the way isn't showing up) about my feelings on the issue of the Pledge. I am a little upset that as a Christian mom I feel we are compromising are beliefs continuously and not equally being thought of when the government is trying to make all religions comfortable. I personally do not say the Pledge because i do not pledge allegiance to this country. NO I am not a communist and NO I do not hate this country. I Dont like what the government has done with it. For personal reasons I just dont say it. But I do stand up and face the flag out of respect for the freedoms it allows me, the life's lost to get those freedoms and those who are still fighting today for those freedoms. The flag is an important aspect of our country. One day my opinion might change on the pledge. But it is my FREEDOM to not say it.

So what bugs me? That schools are removing this from the class rooms. You might be saying that I should be happy right??? No ! Our children should be taught and should continuously learn respect for this country. Our children should know our history and be proud of it. All because of one line, "In God we trust" its being removed because it offends non believers. Guess what people the American money says the same thing!!! Are you going to stop using it too??

I am not one to push my beliefs on anyone. I love learning about what others believe in and sharing what I have learned. I love knowing about others cultures and how they differ from mine. I love that we can have these freedoms to believe or simply not to believe anything at all. But why is it that this country continuously strives to make every religion comfortable besides the Christian religion?! Why is it that anything we do is frowned upon? When this country in itself was founded on the Christian religion. My 7 year old daughter prays each day at lunch at her school. This is her choice to do so, not because we ask her to. It is said it is not allowed in schools because it has the potential to make someone uncomfortable at your table. Like I explained to my daughter, to bad. You should not compromise what you believe in just because someone else doesn't like it. As long as you aren't asking them to join you, or purposely try to make them uncomfortable, you do for yourself as you see fit.

The schools teach children to be receptive to all kinds of people but yet make it okay to teach one sided. The school system teaches evolution (another topic all in its own), which is fine if they were to equally teach creation. But they dont. Why? because again they dont want to make anyone feel uncomfortable nor push belief on someone. Yet they are by teaching only one side of a topic or belief. I am sure many people will disagree with me. Some I know personally. But each one of my friends and even family members can say clear across the board that I equally listen to what they have to say regardless of if I agree with them or not.

Its sad that we have come to a point in this country that we pretend to be tolerant of everyone and there beliefs. Its sad when we put so much effort to stifle free religion. That is exactly what is happening.

I will address another topic, because I know for some of you who read wonder where i stand on it because I am a Christian.

Gay Marriage. Honestly I dont care. I believe in equal rights for everyone no matter who you love. I do though believe Gay marriages should not be preformed in a church because the church follows the bible guidelines. There is no reason though two people in love; if to the same sex, a purple person or themselves can not be married. New york has found a good middle ground in showing equal rights and i am proud of them. The constitution calls for equality, something this country freely disregards. It does not force a church nor clergy member to preform something that they don't personally or through their beliefs believe in. So yes, I am Christian. Yes, I believe in the bible. Yes, I am strong in my beliefs. And yes, i am for equality!!! I will NEVER fault anyone for what they believe in and i will never push on you my beliefs. BUT I i also will not allow you to systematically take my beliefs from me!!

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