Our Family Rules: Something To Live By

A visual reminder of what we try
to instill in our kids

(idea seen @ My Blessed Life)

So often we forget the simplest of things.
Why you shouldn't yell or give dirty looks.
That it is important to show encouragement
and to be kind and truthful at all times!
This is a visual for the main things we want
our children to remember.
Something they can read and we can go over with them,
as well as live by ourselves.
This is a good way to start and end each day.

Our rules (guidelines to live by) are pretty simple and are basic things most parents ask of their children. We infused it with our faith because that is an important part of the characteristics that we are trying to teach our children. Here they are in a simple breakdown. (by the way i got this frame last Christmas for $7)

We have a title box : our family/house rules
Respect- box one:
-Love God
-Trust God
-Obey God
-Talk to god

-Encourage your siblings to do good

Golden Rule:
-Be kind
-Gentle Words
-Caring Hands
-Loving Faces

Love and Respect between the adults: little eyes watch and grow up to be just like you!
-Husbands hug your wife
-Wifes support your husband

Self Worth:
- Share! There is no "mine" it all belongs to God!
(this is a chance to teach children that materialistic things do not matter for self worth!)

Respecting your elders:
-Honor and Obey your Parents

A Heart of Flesh:
- Forgiveness no matter the issue!!!

A joyful Heart:
-Have Fun

-Be thankful for all you have

The worth of your word:
-Keep your Promises
-Tell The Truth
-No Lies

Most important in our home:
-Pray Often

For each family your guidelines, rules, way of living
(which ever way you want to word it)
will be different.
I look at this pretty, fun, creative reminder as
a building block in who i want my children to become
and how i should be because my
children look up to me.

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  1. Beautiful, Creative, Fun, and Still A learning tool for OURSELVES and our lil ones. Awesome. I need to make one for my house. Thank you for the idea.