Menu Planning : 3in30 goal

Menu Planning

I wanted to set a menu up for a whole month. This would make my shopping trips and cooking go a lot smoother. Also helping anyone who has to take over that task if i am not home that day. This month i wanted to switch up, so i grabbed ever dinner from one of these cooking resources. For the most part that means it will be something new for my family to try. I filled in our favorite breakfast and lunches and of course desserts (another 3in30 goal) to complete each day.

This will be an on going goal, that i will have to set time aside for each month. As of now i have two complete weeks with 3 meals and a dessert. I am still filling in the lunches for a few days and as well making my shopping list for the weeks to best us. I hope to make shopping a fun activity for me and my oldest two girls. I plan to make mini list for them to fill their own carts. If we set a goal we can accomplish it!

When menu planning, pick meals that your family will eat. When i plan i like to make meals i know my family will enjoy, that are price efficient, and easy to put together. I try to "make over" what ever left overs that i can for the next days lunch. If possible i also try to do the same for the next nights dinner. Not only a money saver but as well a time saver. Enjoy your menu planning.

Original menu planning on scratch paper
for the complete month.

This is my menu book that holds
completed menus for any given month
for me to look back on.

Divided into simple sections

Monthly menu's

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