A Lesson For Me In Being Frugal

12 shirts - 3 skirts - a pair of shoes - 1 dress
(with its tags still on it ) - and a clutch
- all name brand - all for under $65.

*Tips N Tricks on shopping at a thrift store, saving while not getting frustrated.

After losing over 20 pounds, my pants are falling and my shirts are showing more then i would like. I have been teaching my three girls modesty and have not fully followed it my self. After talking to my hubs about the importance of me shopping for a few new items for myself, he quickly agreed and wanted to go with me. I, no matter the financial issues we may be facing (good or bad), dislike spending unneeded money on clothing. As a child it was fun to save money, as i got older it became shameful. I let go of my prideful nature and became proud of what i am able to do.

2After figuring out what i needed and what i wanted i made a mental note of what to look for. I figured that i would only need (3) 15 complete outfits to have a bountiful new wardrobe.I am average mom, wearing the average size. I tend to not like tight clothing because i find it uncomfortable to continuously readjust my clothing. So when i went to the store 4I looked in more then one size category. I like lengthy shirts that come to a certain part of my waist, which took me all the way up to two sizes bigger that what i wear. I wanted to stay young and fresh and look my age,which took me all the way one size smaller then my size (woohoo a medium!).

Stopping at two different 1thrift stores, i started in the smaller size and picked the shirts i liked. 5I wore a shirt that i love to layer with ( a have a few in different colors) under a tshirt. This made it easier to shop because i did not have to go to a fitting room. I looked for shirts that were long enough and loose enough. I also looked for things that i could pair with items i knew i was keeping. Items like these can be made into 6many different outfits. I did this all the way through two sizes above my actual size( to 2xl). I have learned clothing is cut different depending the brand and as well as fabric.

It was fun, i was blessed to share this time with my hubs and it felt nice treating myself. I know some people feel like they are to picky to shop second hand. I am as picky as they come and do just fine. It is a way of pride that usually stops most. Unless you shared with someone that you shopped second hand no one would know the difference. Enjoy the hunt and have fun with it.

1. Not a stuffy old person store. You can find trendy fun clothing at cheap prices. Almost new and def new to you. Great prices on many items. Shop coupon days.

2. Take the time to know what you need and what you would like. Makes looking through the hundred of things simpler. A good rule of thumb that i learned from another Christian blogger was to keep new items from low cost stores under $10 and used items under $5. Not easy you say.... everything i got today was under $5.

3. I decided on 15 complete outfits because i knew i had pieces at home that would work well and i knew that i can make each outfit into 3 very easily. By simply switching pieces out with others will easily make 45 outfits (if not more).

4. Now that i have lost weight, getting used clothes that i felt still kept me looking young was a lot easier now. You should always look at once size smaller and one size bigger (at the least). Just because it has a size tag doesn't mean that is the size that it is. Clothes can fit depending on cut and fabric. So do not limit yourself.

5. I always have a shirt under a shirt. I am way more comfortable layering and it is something that is easy to do. I wore a shirt that i could easily take off and try things on while looking through racks. I do not like going back and forth to fitting rooms nor do i like standing in a small confined space. Knowing that this shirt and others like it would be under the shirts i was looking for, this helped tons with sizing.

6. Switch your clothes around often. Take pictures of the different ways you can put something together. This will not only save you money but continuously give you a fresh looking style.

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