Friendships & The Meaning

I have plenty of friendships, more so one sided. In life we tend to keep relationships around because we feel bad for walking away or because we pretend they are more then what they are. I am blessed to have many great friendship, people who take the time to want to know about my life as i do theirs. Then i have friendships that are more work then actual relationship. The ones i keep around because it is the nicer way of saying, "we just have nothing in common".

There are, in my opinion, 3 different friendships in life. 1. One that last forever through anything and is equal to one another. 2. The competing friendship that only seems prevalent when it is important to the other. For example when something is need or if that person needs to feel they are on a high horse. Someone who makes your relationship 70/30. Simply meaning you give more than they do. This is the most common friendship. I have one to many. 3. The people you keep around because you know them and you dont want to be rude. These friendships never go past a text or facebook message. These have no meaning and no heart break.

I often read things that at times i feel are written for me. Then there are times that i know they are and i could care less. At this point in my life, the friendships i have and tend to keep and actually work at to make something more than a sparse phone call or visit. I tend to allow friendships to be an unequal relationship. In a marriage you strive for honesty, equality and respect. You should do the same in your friendships.

I made a promise to myself that that i would only try with those who equally do as well. I have "friendships" that i only receive a phone call when they need something, or a visit that is centered on something being done for them. I have "friendships" that are online only, that i would never carry out in real life. I have "friendships" that are draining.

So as adults when do you take a stand and walk away from friendships that mean nothing to you? I told my best friend a long time ago the people i was over, and yet i still kept them in my life. Till this day i get short handed but i deal with it. For how much longer i am not sure.

The friendship i work at are awesome and make up for those that are just stuck in limbo. These friends care enough to know how my day or week is going, they ask about my children, call or /and send cards on birthdays, have picnics, dinners and date nights. They take the time to try not to make everything about them or a competition. My "friends" are like family. They are the ones i know i can count on. The ones who do not pass judgment and care enough to love.

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