Its a new month and school is right around the corner.
I am looking forward to ending our summer with a bang so
for August i have made some plans for our family.

- Family projects
- Field trips
- Cooking fun
- Reading and math adventures
- Swimming
- Park fun
- Sports

Our family enjoys lots of fun times.
Summer is always a fun and interesting learning time
for me as a mom. Even though i am looking forward to the
start of a school year, i will miss the summer fun
time i have with my children.

Besides my August goals, i am also taking part in
3in3o. This is a great encouraging way to set a few goals
and complete them. Set only three and you don't have to
many things on your shoulders.
These three particular goals
will be all about

My 3in30 Goal Are

1. Menu plan for the month
2. Construct a usable household notebook
3. Commit to making a homemade dessert each day

August Goals

prepare for homeschooling
get ready for the year of photos to come for scrapbooking
blog at least twice a week
my mommy play dates :)
have a weekly date night
make everyday like the last day of summer
donate all clothing that is to small for children

Enjoy your last month of summer!!

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  1. Good luck on your goals for August! Homemade desserts...yummy, that sounds like a fun goal. :)