My Baby Gone and Grew Up On Me

In between watching her grow, playing soccer, making friends and excelling in school I just couldn't be prouder!

I've been waiting to write this post till today even though I was going to on her birthday. Being that we are born in the same month and remembering the thoughts I had my first birthday after she was born I found it fitting to hold off till now.

When we all woke up extra early on April's birthday to get ready for her game, I had no clue the emotions I would go through!! We suited her up in her new uniform and having some family in town I thought it would be great to take a few pictures. I noticed she was a little taller and way more mature then I remember the day before. Of course I just thought that was me being mommy. That was until a parent shared this photo she took of her. So much older, so much taller so much... Not a baby.

I kinda felt the heart pains(the ones that don't really hurt but make you realize you baby is no longer a baby) and just gazed in amazement. How blessed I am to be a parent. To not only her but three other beautiful sanity suckers. It is in these moments that I become joyful, excited and know the true meaning of love. This is what being a parent is all about. You get to watch your child grow, learn and achieve !!!

2011 spring school photo


  1. I know those moments where you just look at them and think "how did we get here so fast". I love the way you love as a mother. Your dedication is admirable. Keep up the hard work.

  2. Oh...children grow up so fast. The time you have spent with her will be so rewarding when you see what a beautiful young woman she turns out to be.

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