Even when you think it doesnt matter

Fair warning: i woke up at 3 in the morning with the need to write this so i could very easily ramble this whole thought out so please excuse my almost sure rambling post :)

So i haven't blogged in a little bit as i am sure you can see. I kind of got to the point where i felt like what i was blogging was more for the readers then for myself. So i stopped all together. Who would have thought that this little blog meant something to someone other then me. I know sometimes the life of a young mom to 4 children can be something exciting to someone else, that the things i learn and the things i share can be interesting. I mean i read many blogs similar to mine because i enjoy them. I didnt think my blog would be missed.

I shop at walmart at least once a day here in my town of Vegas. I strive to learn peoples names and ask how their day is going. Not something i do to be patted on the back but out of some respect for other humans. I was always brought up that you can get further in life with kindness and ignored with rudeness. I never expected it to be noticed though and it was. Kind words is what brought me back to blogging. I cant say that i will be fully in the mix with giveaways and such but the occasional post i am sure.

As i ramble away i will get back to walmart. Whenever i go into Walmart to return anything i get that same feeling/thought of, "i should just keep it because it will be easier then waiting in the forever never ending line" that everyone else gets. But there are a few people who make it easier and actually do there job with a smile. This makes it easier to stand in line with all the other grumpy people.

You every so often come across people that seem to go out there way to make things just a little more easier on you. Cat is one of those people. Every time i go in there is a hello and some kind of joke waiting for me. She takes the time to remember you name and to want to put a smile on your face. Cat is an interesting person. While she will always have a smile on her face to help serve you the best way she can and go out of her way to make you happy you can see many things in her eyes. I would like to say we have become friends and that could just be the vibe she puts off but ill stick with friends.

Cat took the time to get to know me. Some how it came to the point that i handed her one of my blogging cards so she could come check out this blog. She stopped by read it and liked it. Not surprising but very much welcomed. But i never expected for it to mean something to someone or for me or this blog to touch someone. She wrote about me and i never knew till i seen her recently. I got her blog address and stopped by to read. What a person she is. Interesting out looks and great honesty.

It was nice to know i made a difference and that my kindness is recognized. It is nice to know that i touched someone even if only one person. It is nice to know that even when i think i am being the worst person to other people that i am still giving off a smile and some kindness. It is nice to know that my words written here are heard that they touch someone. IT IS SIMPLY NICE.

So i just wanted to say to all of you. Keep trying to make a difference no matter how small you may think it may be. Try to always smile at someone even if they dont smile back. You never know what that smile might mean to them or their day. I enjoy my readers and the blogs that i read.

Thank you !

check out Cat's blog Chaos Balanced


  1. Great rambling post...I was surprised recently at all the emails I got when I stopped blogging at one of my blogs. What I thought was just for me wasn't just for me...

    Headed to check out her blog now!

  2. Glad you are back..also you have always been great at opening conversations with just about anybody. I remember when I had to think of a business name and you just approached people with no fear. You have so many Wal-mart friends :) and dollar store homies. I like shopping with you because you make life interesting. Thanks for your post. P.S. I am ready for a dollar store run.

  3. We are all "Ripples in a Pond" we just don't know who's pond we might be affecting.

    Friends? Oh more than that, Not sure if there is a word, but in Gods world, I think we are all sisters. ;-)

    Need diapers yet? Come see me, would love to see your beautiful face. Hugs honey!!