Trying new food

So i have noticed that my menu over the past few months have contained just about the same meals over and over again. My goal for the next week of menu planning (which i will be doing tonight) will be to have at least four different meals on my menu. I am using my Christmas present from a friend of mine, a Sandra lee cook book and some online recipes. I hope to extend my familys choices to different and new food. I also want to take this time to bring my oldest into the kitchen and start teaching her the basics of cooking. I think that this would be fun for her.

My children usually dont have a hard time eating the meals i put in front of them. So i hope changing up the menu isnt more of a challenge then fun. If you know of a good recipe send it my way :)


  1. Oh sounds like fun!! I always love trying new recipes!! It's always so much fun and while not every recipe will be a new family favorite, some will be!

  2. that is my out look on it ... im hoping for more favorites then dislikes :)