A Time Without

So for almost this whole month i have not had my computer. It has had a few things wrong with it. Last night it became usable again. I have to say, Mommy Hood is totally different when you are without outlets. A lesson very much needed for me to learn.

I know when ever i sit down to blog or play a game on line that it is time i have set down for myself. Does it always mean i will get that time? fat chance. These past few weeks when i had something special i wanted to blog about or maybe post a review i found myself a little frustrated. ( i had face book on my ipod) Which in turn i would kinda of put off on my children. I had to take a step back. I had to ask myself if there was no internet what would i be doing with my own time?

So these past two to three weeks i have been reading more, something i stopped doing for some reason. I have done more with the children along the lines of projects and quality time. I have started to work out more. Who couldn't benefit right. But most of all i have taken the time to see what i was lacking. I see that i haven't taken enough time each day with each child. That i haven't taken enough time to sit and read scriptures like i like doing. That i haven't take enough time to keep my home the way i want to.

Mommy hood isnt something we can take a break from. Even when we have our time set aside, there time still means more. As i sit and type this up i hear one of my children whining to get out of the play pin because his sisters are driving him crazy. I hear my oldest two girls pretending to be nurses and of course there little brother is who they are working on. And my youngest daughter daughter well she is calm watching her favorite show. For me i could be right there with them pretending to be the patient they are working on or cuddled up with my little monkey on the couch. Even saving my son from what ever the two little princess have come up with.

Mommy hood. A never ending yet totally fantastic way to live.

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