Souper Salad .... and my long Weds

So as i have mentioned before my Hubs has school on weds nights. Making my day long!!!!!! These days they havent been to bad since he is home from work. But the nights are daddy time and the children dont want to give that up. I thought it would be nice to get them all out of the house and have a meal together at one of our favorite places. My children quickly cleaned up the toys and grabbed their sweaters and were ready to go in mere seconds after hearing about where we would be going.

Fast forward to pulling into the parking lot and looking for a spot close enough to the door (there wasnt any) so that it would be a little easier. I got all the children out and started my way across the parking lot to the restaurant and noticed one of the workers hurrying out. We will call him Mr. N. He waited for the cars to pass and came to help me walk my children across the little road. Then another worker, we will call her Mrs. P. was waiting at the door smiling calling the kids over to sit them at a table that was mind you already to go. The drinks for my kids and i were ready to go and they kept my children attentive while i gathered their food. By the time i came back the security lady, we will call her Ms. M. was sitting with the children making them laugh. Mr.N. was starting a quiet game for my children so that they would eat more then talk, Mrs. P. was asking each child how they were giving hugs.

Do i expect this service each time i go or at any other restaurant ?? NO ... But let me tell you i could never choose any where else. They made my long day fly by like it was the simplest part. As if having four children under 6 would be easy and that and being attentive all my own in public to each child is a cinch. I have to say i enjoyed my dinner having another adult sit and chat with me while my children i ate. Ms. M. stayed with us using her lunch time as a semi baby sitter when i need to take two to the restroom.

The whole point of this is that i am grateful. It made it so much easier on such a long day with out my hubs and a wonderful time with those i truly consider friends. If people tried at least half the amount of how they were with us.


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