Today was a cherry on the topping. I have been told a few times this statement and each time it has rubbed me the wrong way. This is the first time i am writing about it because this is the first time i don't feel attacked by it.

A friend of mine and i were having a conversation and these words came up in it, "then your less of a believer". The fact is no Christian has a place saying this because being disobedient does not cause you to be "less of a believer". I didnt feel judged nor attacked but it was something that was pulling on my heart to write about so that others wont say this. No i am not writing this to stop from talking to my friend about it because i know she will read it right here. I love her as much now as i did before the conversation.

Here are a few of the facts, we were speaking of ones signature sin and i brought up what i feel mine is. I know my faults and dont hide them. While what i believe is not what is asked of us as Christians i am entitled to my beliefs/opinions. It may make me disobedient and even stubborn but deff not "less of a Christian". I know at one time in my life and walk in Christ i will come to a fork in the road when i have to go one way or another. This for isnt that time. Doesnt mean its because i am "new in my walk" or that i am a "baby Christian" it simply means its not a realization for me at this moment. The point is we are all disobedient and are not what we should be as Christians but are striving to be each and everyday. Not being perfect or not agreeing with every last thing does not knock you down a notch on the Christian "belt". I dont earn a color or a high mark for doing something someone else feels fits me as a Christian. It doesnt give me lack of knowledge nor the since of being less then but simply the fact that i have not reached my truth yet.

I can still remember the feeling of the first time someone told me im "less a Christian" because of what i think. We spoke about the devil and i told her i dont give credence to him in my home. I dont teach my children of him nor do i blame things on him. This is because i feel that God is a higher power and the devil has no control in my life. You dont have to agree with me by any means..... but it doesnt warrant someone telling me, "take it back or your not a true Christian".

So to those who find themselves talking with a friend or someone in need pay attention to what you say. Being disobedient does not make someone "less of a Christian" or "new to theyre walk" or even a "baby Christian" . It simply means that the have more to learn and take from Jesus when they pray and when you pray for them. Because if you can say any of those to someone you may need to look in the mirror. Does your own disobedience in not going to church or not praying enough or opening your home to those who are in need or not being kind enough or respecting your spouse or even not having fellowship make you "less of a Christian"? ( all examples and not pointing at any of my readers) NO you are simply disobedient.

So now that i have shared this i leave you with this thought something that was given to me to read and study and i ask you do the same.because to each person it might mean something different.

Search me, o God, and know my hear; test me and know my anxious thoughts. See if there is any offensive way in me, and lead me in the way of everlasting.
Psalms 139: 23-24

For me this let me know i am no where near "less then a Christian" because he will pull me near and he knows my heart. He knows what i am thinking because he has seen it before i even do it. With this i know that my disobedience will lead me somewhere on my journey. A journey that not necessarily is "new" but that is continual.

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  1. You have always had a strong sense of who you are and what you believe. I love that you stand strong among the judgments of mankind. Have faith and believe therefore you will never fall short. :)