The FAKE Housewife of .... a simple rant

So i am not a big tv person unless its a good classic or a fun family movie. But for some reason because all the hype surrounding them and the lack of anything else on the tube, i found my self watching a Real Housewife Of what ever reunion. I think i lost a hour or so of my life. One that i can get back. I found this to be a laugh and really sad all at the same time. Real Housewife my patootie. These shows all around the US in different cities depict such a non-realistic sense of a housewife.

The fact is i am a Real Housewife, i dont have a hair stylist nor makeup artist that comes each morning. From my understanding a housewife is one that keeps her own home, takes care of her own children and kind of has that soccer mom outlook. These women all have nannies when the show depicts most of them to be non working women. They have personal cooks and maids. I am still waiting to see the housewife in the show The Real Housewife.

I watched this caddy non realistic constant fight over he said she said childish crap. Women talking about what they are so proud of that they have left a legacy for their children. I am sorry, while i do not have a problem with Playboy nor those who pose for it, i have a large problem with a mother saying she did it to show her daughter "pure beauty" and that "this is what she can achieve". As a parent you want more for your children, posing nude shouldnt be one of them. Each person had me shaking my head in disbelief and the fact that so many people that i know enjoy this show leaves me speechless.

What to you is a Housewife? What to you do you think a mother should depict herself to be and teach her children? I personally dont think that this shows truly shows either and any answer any reader can come up with. Money plays a factor i know, but let me say i know "rich" mothers who still run there house hold, dont pose nude and think that it is a accomplishment to teach or strive for, and that dont indulge in constant drama.

So i am sure that i sound judgmental and rude. That i know that i dont know these women and that i could be totally off my rocker. But this is my opinion and i am tired of seeing shows depicting mothers, women and housewifes in such a caddy and so childish. I know i can turn off the tv and i know i dont have to watch this particular show. Yet i wish that those who make tv shows and those who come up with the ideas would think a little more first. Ratings are ratings right??

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