50's Housewife Experiment - Where have i been

Where have i been you maybe asking. Well my computer farted on me over the past few weeks and i had to have it fixed. But i have kept up with the experiment sort of ...

So having my hubs home makes me very lazy. With that said i have over the past few weeks built some habits and learned that i need to build some more. I have kept up with the laundry and my fly cleaning. Which over the years has been one of my down falls. I have learned to eat the right way... well three meals a day which has help to get me to a healthier weight. I have stayed on tack with my connect groups by attending and not making excuses. I have had someone over regular opening my home in hospitality which isnt easy for me.

With all of this i have learned that i am lacking in my goal. By no means do i want to be perfect but i do want to perfect a few things. I see that when it comes to cleaning it isnt something that is at the top of my list. Since my hubs is home most of the days now i have sat back with a good book and watch him do the nightly quick clean. Not something i want. I would rather him rest after his day of doing, what ever it maybe. I have noticed that my father and my hubs have taken over cooking saying i need a break. Which is great every so often but i have gotten comfortable. Did i mention while its all very yummy my menu planning has gone out the window. I have not homeschool in the past two weeks simply because the school room is not in order. Its easier to shut the door. So these are all things that i would like to get back to !

Some people live differently and may read this and think, why am i complaining. I know i am blessed with a supportive hubs which i cherish but if i am not doing my "todo" list around the house, going about my day to day life the way i have planned it out and sticking to what i want out of life.... what am i doing with my time? At the moment not much.

So with each day is a fresh start and a chance to start new. Today i am starting new. My hubs is at school and i plan to have a delicious meal waiting for him when he gets home. I will be spending quality time with my children and yes staying off of facebook for the rest of the day !!!! (what an addiction to have a 140 character status update)

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  1. Your life is unusually busy so Kudos to you for trying this out I don't think an actual 50s housewife could have done it any better & with style & Grace as you did you are my inspiration!!