50's Housewife Experiment - past few days

So the past few days have been a little more then i have expected in many ways. Having the hubs home for most of this challenge was not expected. Having guest in for a week at a time was not expected. Draining is a good word for it. While i am doing this to find my way to a much needed habit, its become more hard because of all the "help" im getting.

My hubs is the type of man who would rather have you sleep in (by turning off your alarm clock or not waking you because you seem tired) and do it all for you. Which is something he does often. No ladies i am not complaining but its hard to make a habit when there is nothing left for you to do.

Having a friend in town was draining in many ways. I had tons of fun and already miss her. This is someone i have known half my life. But in between spiritual conco, late nights out on the town and early mornings with my children i am super tired.

So what have i been doing these past few days that i could possibly still count as that 50's Housewife. I have intentionally planned, of course stayed on top( somewhat ) on my flylady which is cleaning for those of you who dont speak flybaby. I have attended my connect group and have stayed on top of my weight watchers. Ooo ya i started that too. I have cooked dinner each night something new and something different for my family. Some were big hits a few were a lose.

So i know that i have been lacking off but i am jumping back on the "i need to get moving" moving train.

Zone 2- cleaning (deep cleaning) my kitchen
Laundry - 4 loads washed dried and folded
Dinner - try a new recipe
Homeschool lesson - with all three of the younger ones
Still working to organize and clean the school room (which seems to be a never ending project by the way)
devotional time (needed!!)
working out
project with the children
Homework with April

which i plan to get each and everyone done today. Today is my long day my hubs has school tonight so it will be a task. But i wont have anyone here to help me do it. :)

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