50's Housewife Experiment-Day two

Day two and let me tell you ... no easy task. In between fighting frustration, the lack of facebook usage and the fact that i had to take down christmas all by my self just was no fun. Sundays i do intentional planning and today was no different. I found out that i will not be making breakfast for my family the remaining Sundays, i think they rather a warm breakfast. Nor will i be getting my children dressed. Since we have church pretty much right after i get home i have to leave that in my capable hubbies hands.

Today i woke up at 5:15 and gathered my things to plan my week. This included things for my menu planning and devotional reading. Once i got to my meeting with my dear friend we got to business. The time seem to short to be honest. I headed home and sent my family off to church but not happily. I felt like i was being left alone to prepare for school for my oldest and put my home back together after the holidays. Not fair. But i had to realize my choice to stay home may not be that of my family's.

I took down, washed, boxed and put away anything and everything christmas. That was actually a relief to have done ! I unpacked and put away all of the vacation stuff that we took with us and all the goodies we brought back. Put away all the Christmas gifts that were spread around my living room and cleaned up my kitchen table. That was pretty much it.

I played hostess to a few guest that came by, treating them to some homemade tamales that i made New Years Eve. As a family we decided to go out to eat. Yes i know against my own little rules. But a girl can not say no to her hubs now can she. I still cooked though making homemade chili to thank some friends of ours for watching our dog over our vacation. So i only half broke my rule :)

Now i am off to clean my childrens school room that seems to have never been fully finished when we moved in. I will be taking pictures of it and posting that in a future post. This experiment is way more challenging then i thought it would be and i am sure with a few days that it will get easier and easier even though each day will have more and more task.


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  2. Keep up the good work and do not let yourself get frustrated and overwhelmed! This is an experiment and as a rule you must role with the flow and find out what the pros and cons of it really is.
    Whatever happens, let God guide your path and your thoughts as you go through the days of this experiment. Remember why you started it and know that your quest to be a more biblical housewife will not only shower blessing on your husband, your children, your family and your friends it will also serve to bring glory to God and bring you closer to Him :)
    I look forward to reading all about Day 3 and I know that although it may be hard, if you keep your focus you will see what it is that God wants to show you!