50's Housewife Experiment- Day three

Day three .... well kind of. So i made this experiment 30 days in a 31 day month for a reason. I knew i would need at least one day to cheat :). Well today was that day. It snowed in Vegas. Thats right it did and i didnt want to get out of bed. My hubs had me sleep in, he got the children up and fed and my oldest dressed for her first day back to school. When i woke up got out of bed and dressed all i had to do was drive her to school .... life made simple i know.

Last night it snowed so i woke my children up at 11:20 to see it and at least throw a snow ball or two. April of course wanted to go back to sleep as soon as she got her fill of it all. Havanna surprisingly was wide awake and playful but went right back to sleep as soon as she laid down. The babies we kept asleep knowing they would stay up all night if we woke them. As for my dad and the hubs they turned in to crazy children throwing snow balls and yelling at (almost) the top of their lungs "snow!!!". Fun 20 mins!!!

I have been going on facebook a lot today and checking up on a friend i have been lifting in prayer. I used the internet to look up some preschool sites and hartcourt.com for my lesson plans and i also read a few blogs. All breaking the challenge i put before myself. I have also been texting which i have come to find is my one downfall through this because it sometimes is very useful !

Today i ran errands, paid bills, made my lesson plans and started on my childrens school room. We had that yummy homemade chili i made yesterday and i plan on having some scooped by the hubby ice cream while playing yahtzee tonight. Today was more of a laid back day ... a snow day :) so i can say it was life on easy street today.
Tomorrow i plan on getting back on track. Visiting a friend for some chat time, coming home to school the middle two, cleaning my zone and working out. In the mist of that i am going to steal a few moments to bake and start on dinner. I have a few appointments to keep tomorrow as well. Shopping will be done tonight to make my day a little smoother tomorrow.

It seems as though this will not be so hard. We shall see if i change my tune tomorrow :)

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