50's Housewife Experiment- Day four

Day four was something a little different. I was the guest of a friends at her home for a little craft time. I was able to make some beautiful cards to mail out to others. I had some refreshing girl talk and catch up time( even thought we see each other regularly) and we went over some need to read books. After wards i was off to go grocery shopping for my family. Restocking is never a fun shopping trip but it was much needed.

When i got home i put everything away and was really tired. Shopping is not on my list of fun things to do. But i ate lunch got everything put away and headed out of the door to pick up a out of town guest and played hostess around town for the night. I knew that i would be out a little late so i had a roast and veggies in the crock pot with mashed tots. Yummy !! After picking up my guest, an old time friend we headed to an apt. of mine.

My day pretty much ends with that. We stayed out pretty late winning money, laughing and talking about old times. I do have to say i will not be having another late night like that again. Or at least anytime so. I believe i have become a fan of sleep and i didnt get much. I know tomorrow will be a little hard energy wise with my hubs going to school and all. But i will push through and get at least half of the things on my todo list done.

Is the experiment getting hard yet?? not really its more of a "stick to it" type of thing then anything else. We will see what tomorrow brings!

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