50's Housewife Experiment- Day five

Today was a step in the right way. This morning i woke up later then i wanted. I havent seemed to grasp the wake before my children. Since we have had a movie night almost every night this past month and a guest in town, sleep is a if i can squeeze it in type of thing. Once i woke up i got my little one ready for school and myself since i would be helping one of the teachers. I stay for about an hour before heading home to homeschool the two middle children. Which was fun watching them each know something knew that i didnt know they grasped on to.

It was time for Lunch at this point which my hubs had sweetly made while i was teaching. The youngest two and i had an appointment that even though should have been 15 mins took almost 2 hours. Once i got home it seemed like most of my day was gone but wanting to stay in a positive mind frame on my long day (the hubs has school till late at night) i pushed forward. I accomplished almost all of my todo list today and began on tomorrows. i started dinner, something new and different and i enjoyed some game night fun time with my dad.

Today i was looking forward to going into my church to help them clean and undeck the halls from the holidays. Since i promised myself to give my father a break from being grandpa day care ( he doesnt know that i made this promise) i could not leave until they were asleep. Well they are still awake. In bed but yes still awake.

I know some people are reading these post and thinking that none of this sounds very 50ish. I decided not to jump into the whole thing at once but work my way through this whole month to make new habits. I dont want to do and finish this experiment just to say that i did it . I would love to implement it in my day to day life. Its a learning process for me, one that may turn out harder or easier then i think. But one worth doing !

P.S. I will now be listing my to do list for next day each day as a form of accountability. I hope to get to them all but i am realistic about this all.

Day 6 - todo list
i will : {in no order}
bake something from scratch just because.
do the laundry iron and put away (2-3 loads)
stuffed chicken dinner
be a host to a guest at my home
soccer practice
help at my daughters school
devotional time
zone clean
work out
and of course blog :)

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