50's Housewife Experiment- Day 6

Today was very interesting. I woke up, got dressed from my head to my toes. I had a plan!! I woke up made my family their breakfast and sent April on her way to school. I knew i would be having a guest over for tea so i had to run my morning errands before i left. I set the children up with the morning lesson ( todays was your baby can read dvd1) and i did what i had to to get ready to go. The hubs tagged along to go shopping with me to get fabric for my craft of the day. I wanted to make an apron for me to use when cooking and washing up the dishes. I knew i wanted something very simple that i could throw in the washer if need be. No pockets no special lace just an apron. We found some wonderful clearance fabric and we headed off on our way.

Once i got home i took out my sewing machine and found that i was missing a part. I ran around town for about an hour or two and finally gave up letting my hubs find it for me. My guest would be coming soon and running around town would not be a good hostess now would it. I put the tea kettle on and made some finger sandwiches(which i forgot to take out when she got here) and when she arrived i poured some hot water and let her choose from an array of teas. We both chose Southern Peach and it was yummy. We drank our tea while talking over her weight watchers meeting. She asked for me to do it with her and since i am game to lose a few pounds i jumped on board.Having a warm cup of tea or maybe two while chatting with a friend is a a good start to my afternoon.

After wards we made a dash to the store so she could shop for her family. I picked up a few things as well as a copy of the weight watchers magazine. Once home i put away all of that was bought and set the hubs off to pick up April. I sat for my craft time and made my apron. I was happy to see that my hubs found the part i needed and i could jump right in. i was able to finish and even through in a second project too. It was fun to get back to that sort of crafting because i havent done it in so long. The finished project came close to what i wanted and i love that my hubs loved it. I knew i had to get cleaned up (things still have to be put away) because soccer practice was very soon. We headed out the door with time to spare.

At practice i was able to walk with a friend of mine for a brisk walk around the park. Which help me gain 2 extra points towards my total. It was a nice feeling being able to do a workout but in baby steps. I am not one to make my self want to cry. That will come later with the biggest loser work outs.After practice we came home and i got dinner started. I was playing hostess to a out town friend so it was a night out for the girls. Im sure that getting in so late wasnt smart but i will wake up early and finish my list from today and doing the last page of homework with my daughter.

Day 7 todo list
finish up yesterdays
zone clean
catch up on reading
prepare for the weekend

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