50's House wife - Day 1

Knowing that my family and i would be out of town and not wanting to postpone this experiment i planned ahead of time. I knew that visiting in someone else's home i would not be able to do all that i wanted to do. I also knew that i would not be in my home to do what i will joyfully call my to do list.

Over the last week i cleaned out a few things and got rid of some clutter. I made a menu, a to do list and a a goal list for myself for the upcoming week.

This morning i woke before everyone and took the time to be showered and dressed. I put together what my children would be wearing on the way home and took the time to do my devotional time.

I packed a lunch to go on the road so that we would not have to stop along the way. I made a few road games for the children to enjoy and i have pre- loaded our iPod with music for my husband to enjoy so his drive will be easier.

While i was unable to do all the things i wanted to do on my first day i was able to enjoy the things i did do. Which was very important to me.


  1. Can I call you June Cleaver? Way to go!

  2. lol how funny but i dont think i am just there yet

  3. I love how its based on the spiratul point of veiw I myself am Christian and this is one of the best version of the 50's experiment yet