New Years Eve 2011

Be safe and enjoy!
Celebrate with sense
and get home to your families!
To the end of one year and the beginning of another!!

2011 A Year in Review

Thank you to all my readers who took the
time to read and enjoy a little bit of my life.

This year has been an amazing one.
My family has taught so much!
This year i was lucky enough to help at
my daughters school, started going to a new church, enjoyed
time with family and friends and made amazing memories.

I look forward to another year of making memories and enjoying
what the New Year has to bring me!!


Merry Christmas 2011

My my family to yours!
May your holiday be filled with
happiness and blessings.


Merry Christmas and a Happy Birthday to You

It's Christmas Eve, a time to celebrate. In my household we are baking cookies, wrapping last second gifts, planning which movies we will watch and looking forward to putting out cookies for Santa. That sounds wonderful, doesn't it? Christmas Eve has a little bit more of a meaning for me. My nephew Klassic was born on 12/24 and passed away 9/2010. We celebrate his birthday and his short lived life.

His passing taught me something, that i am reminded of each and every time I think of him. Christmas is not about how many presents you receive or even give. It's not about if you have a belief in Jesus or if you don't. It's simply about being gracious and thankful.

In our home we celebrate this as a day of giving, life, and love. This is a day for all Nations to celebrate the birth of Jesus, and even though we might not all agree on the day of his birth, its nice to have one day we all can celebrate it TOGETHER. It's a time for families to take off of work, gather together and enjoy one another. Remember this today, life is short and enjoy each day as it is given to you. He decides the length of our life's but we can decided the quality. Show a little more love, kindness and compassion to one another. Care enough to smile, and laugh enough to enjoy!

Merry Christmas from my household to yours. On this day of remembering, celebrating and love you are in my heart!


28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas- Tip #19

Tip #19
Get to the post office and mail everything off!!!
After today you should not have to worry about mailing
a thing. On the 10th you got everything ready
to go, so now you can make one trip.

Try to hit the Post Office early.
The later it gets the more you will have to deal with
last min senders and packers.
If you can go a day or so before or even on the 10th !

If using a mailing service you can call and schedule a pick up.

Bonus Tip
Start saving addresses, left over cards, mailing labels
and any other things you may need for holiday mailing
in your Christmas Binder.
Makes next year mailing easier.


Happy Holidays = Blog Mishap

With it being the holidays i took the time to set up a post for each day of December. For some reason most of the post did not post. I will be working on fixing this problem and getting these post up. I am sorry for those of you who were following the tips. Thank you for notifying my via email about this issue.

Happy Holidays and may your season continue to be filled with blessings!!


28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas- Tip #15

Tip #15

Get all the things you need to mail together.
This is the time that you need
to get the final things together.
Mail day in most cities is the 14th,
check your city for your day.

Most post offices have a final day to mail packages
and cards that will guarantee
Christmas delivery.
Take the time to check what your date at your local
post office is and start getting all the last
min packages and cards ready to go.

Bonus Tip
Because Christmas cards go on sale the day
after Xmas, buy a box or two
address them to those you received a
card from because the address are available and handy.
Put a forever stamp on them
and they are ready to go for next year.
Makes Xmas cards less of a task next year.


28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas- Tip #4

Tip #4

Have you made your menu yet?
Take some time to list what you and
your family would like to eat.
Start buying for your holiday feast.

Once it gets closer to the day you have to actually cook
stores seem to mark up prices, get overly packed,
and just plain crazy.
To delete this stress from your holiday season,
shop early and catch some deals.

Get what you can that will freeze, store and
last through the next few weeks.
You will love me later for this tip promise!!

Bonus Tip

Baking makes for a great gift.
It is always fun to include family in this activity
and to give a homemade gift.
Take a little time to put a little
homemade love into a few gifts.


28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas- Tip #3

Tip #3

Take a moment out to relax.
It's going to be a busy season!
Take today to kick your feet up and
spend time with you family.
Enjoy the peaceful moments.

Bonus Tip

Make a few phone calls,
some times it is just enough to
hear someone misses you!!
Tis the season to show love!


28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas- Tip #2

Tip #2

Take some time and write out your list.
If its on your iPhone, iPad or a sheet of paper,
write out what you would like to give
those who will receive a gift.

Make a list of things you would like to get done.
What you will need for your meals,
and of course what needs to be mailed.
If you have it written down you will
have a starting point.

Give yourself a few task each day and
then when those are completed
put your lists to the side for the day.

Bonus Tip
Gift buying. When making your list, make a second
for the day after Christmas.
Most gifts for younger children and grandparents
stay the same throughout the next year or so.
The day after Christmas take your second
list with you and start on your next years shopping.
Snagging a deal is always fun when you
have a plan.

Remember to have a bin or closet
to store any Xmas gifts for the next year.
(Pre-wrapping and tagging can be even more helpful,
just keep a list of what you bought handy)

* Remember, day after Xmas is a great day to do
birthday shopping as well!


28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas- Tip #1

Tip #1

Time to decorate. Lights, snow men and Santa's sleigh.
Today pull out your decorations and have fun!
Put up your tree, stream it with lights and have your family help you
add the ornaments.

Enjoy the moments of decorating
simply because they are the beginning
moments of your holiday season.

Start by emptying your bins and pulling out only
what you think you will use.
Try not to over think it.
Put on some great Christmas tunes,
Have some hot coco on hand
and of course a camera.
I'm sure there will be a funny moment or
two to get a shot of.

Bonus Tip
Because you will be using a majority of your Xmas decor
organize what is not being used.
This will make clean up a lot smoother.
Anything that is broken or not usable you should
throw away or find a new home for.
Have a Xmas Yard Sale.

Thankful From Little Eyes

There are many things in life that I am thankful for. Of course my children, my family, those who make me feel special, friends and those whom make a difference each day in my life. My home, being able to parent freely and so many other things are on that list too. This past Thanksgiving I asked the kids to share what they were thankful for. It is so refreshing to hear what children find important in life. It makes you think, are we looking at things the wrong way.

A few days before Thanksgiving we made Thankful Turkeys. They each wrote what they were thankful for. This is where I got the idea to ask on Thanksgiving what they were thankful for and why. Even though I did this to give them a chance to be heard while at a large family get together, it turned into something that we could all learn from.

April- "I'm thankful for my house, our food and all the toys. I am thankful for my family and all my friends. I am thankful for my pet. I am just thankful for everything I have. I am thankful for the bible and for my grandparents. I am thankful for Thanksgiving!"

Havanna- "I am thankful for the people who are always kind. I am thankful for the people in my life. I am thankful for rainbows and for the sun. I am thankful for God. I am thankful for Thanksgiving."

Tatiana- " I am thankful for candy. And more candy and some more candy. I am thankful for my daddy and for all the things he does. I am thankful."

Cristofer- " I am thankful for watching Thomas. Thank you for daddy fixing my car. I thank for food."

When I asked my children this very direct question, I wasn't sure any of them could really grasp it. But i was more then surprised that even my youngest understood that thanks was more then just a nice word. We always hope the manners we teach our children are not just heard but applied. That they will carry them with them as adults. Sometimes they may not listen or even get out of control. But it is these moments that they show you that they are thankful.

I am thankful for knowing that my children have such a touching heart. That they are honest and say what they truly mean. I am thankful!!

Colossians 3:15-17 And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

2 Corinthians 9:15
Thanks be to God for his inexpressible gift!


Black Friday Deals

Where are you shopping today?
Please remember to keep it safe and take it easy!!
While a sale is great getting hurt isn't !

Deals to look out for!
BlackFriday.com is the place to stop by. Some stores
are not sending out ads so you can look at
any store here.
Here are some of the top stores!

Walmart: click here
Target: click here
Best Buy: click here
Toy R Us: click here
Kohl's: click here


Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.
May your day be filled with blessings and fun
memories in he making!! Enjoy the food,
the love and everything this thankful season has to bring.

We are enjoying our Thanksgiving! Not only celebrating
our thankfulness but as well grandpa Nando!!
Its a special time with a great big feast.

I am thankful for my family and for all the smiles my children bring.
I am thankful to watch them play and to enjoy life!
I am thankful, i am grateful. Some people see life
differently but it is in the eyes of children
that life truly shines through!

Last year i posted My ABC's of Thanksgiving and
I just wanted to share them with you again.
Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!!


Mommy Blogger SpotLight

As a mom, I know how hard it is to sometimes remember yourself. It is very easy to lose your self in family and in your children. I wanted to take a few moments to have a few mommy bloggers tell you what it is to be a mom from their point of view. I follow many blogs and read them often but there are two that I always check into read. These are two strong moms. Both up lifting moms. Get to know them.

As for me being a mom is simply:
Loving beyond means, laughing even when at my worst, smiling because of today and looking forward to being a mom tomorrow. Taking a moment to remember to breathe and to shower :). Being a mom is a blessing and is an everyday job with out breaks. No mother takes this as a job but more of a heart dream. To love, teach and give. I am one of those mothers.

Say hello to these moms, stop by their blogs and give a little hello!


Tell me a little bit about what it is to be a mom in your world?
Being a mom for me means a full time 24/7 job without financial compensation. Cooking, cleaning, laundry, homework help, referee, taxi, therapist, and more for free... unless, like myself, you count watching your children grow and become happy, successful citizens of the world as payment.

What are the first thing you do in the morning before your day gets started?
I lie in bed each morning checking emails, facebook and twitter. Once I manage to get out of bed, my day has already started although there is always time for coffee!

As a mom how do you deal with the difficult questions your child brings to you?
I try to maintain a balance of honesty and innocence. I prefer to not sugar coat issues in life so that my children know to expect the truth from me, but I try to do this with tact while allowing them to still be kids and maintain that precious childhood which fades too quickly anyway.

Do you make time for your special someone? If so how and how often?
I always make time for my husband. We spend every single evening alone together after the kids are asleep, usually watching TV and hanging out. We also have occasional just the 2 of us dinners at home where we eat a special meal without the children and of course, we are lucky enough to have family members who babysit to allow us date nights out as well.

What are some of the things you miss or feel you can't do now that your a mommy?
I miss sleeping in, I miss more frequent vacations and I also miss time alone, which is so rare now. Even though I miss those things, being a mommy still makes it more than worth it.

What are you interest?
I love to blog and enter giveaways to win items for my children, family, and friends. My blog has turned into my passion and it generates extra income for our home. I also love to shop, watch football & cheesy reality TV and read

At the end of the day, what steps do you take to wind down and wind your family down?
My children are on a great schedule so winding down isn't really a problem. They're used to their daily routine. I wind down with herbs after the children are asleep and just enjoy the absence of noise.


As a mom what do you think is the moat important thing you have done besides bring your beautiful children in this world?
I feel each and every day is important. You never know what tomorrow may bring and raising a child doesn't happen in one day, or at birth, it's the entire experience and combination of events over time that comes together to create an outstanding adult.

Ask about ad placement options & my
upcoming pregnancy/maternity event!

obviously marvelous


1. Tell me a little bit about what it is to e a mom in your world?
Being a mom has been an incredible blessing.

2. What are the first thing you do in the morning before your day gets started?
First thing I do is go to Lj's room, kiss him good morning, then we head to the kitchen for breakfast.

3. As a mom how do you deal with the difficult questions your child brings to you?
Lj is almost 3, so we've yet to get there. But when we do, I will be as honest as possible.

4. Do you make time for your special someone? If so how and how often?
Yes. Have to. Hubby works all day then comes home and puts on his dad hat, while I take a little break. So after Lj goes to bed we spend time together, talk, watch shows and just relax. at least twice a month we have date nights. we go to dinner and see a movie.

5. What are some of the things you miss or feel you can't do now that your a mommy?
I honestly don't miss anything about my life before becoming a mom. I am still capable of doings the things I did before becoming a mom. I've managed to balance it all. At times its not as easy, but I find a way. And I enjoy being home with my family.

6. What are you interest?
I love mani, pedis & massages. So every two weeks I go get a mani/pedi. And whenever I can get a massage I do. I also enjoy reading. Spending time with family. Traveling.

7. At the end of the day, what steps do you take to wind down and wind your family down ?
I don't wind down till Lj is sleeping. So I make dinner, we eat, I bathe Lj, read him a few books then tuck him in. I then head to the couch and put my feet up!


8. As a mom what do you think is the most important thing you have done besides bring your beautiful children in this world?
be there for him. never letting him feel i am not there or understand him. validating him and his feelings. teaching him things, helping him learn and grow. LOVING him.

my adventures through mommyhood


28 Tips to a Stress Free Christmas

Christmas is suppose to be all about family and a wonderful time spent together. Some how, some way we all tend to get really busy, forgetful and cranky in the season for giving. So let make it a little less stressful.

For me, Christmas planning starts the day after Christmas.
The way that I make my Christmas less stressful starts with how
i pack away my decorations, where I organize
addresses and names for next years cards and
what sales I hit up for the after
Xmas sales.
(Look for bonus tips to save time for next year.)

Tis the season, and like me I am sure you would
like to remove any stress that you can.
Join me here everyday starting the 26th of November
because I will have a tip a day
till December 23rd.

Feel free to leave how the tip helped you or any
ideas you would like to share in the comments.

Look forward to helping with your season of giving!!!


It's Nice to Be a Champion


I was asked to come play on a new team with two of my closet friends.
They are basically family, so how could i say no.
I was worried, just coming off of a undefeated team,
if I even wanted to play or not play with the team I was on.
But it was time with good people and a chance
to keep moving and not feel so old!

First game we didn't do so good!!!
Just a placement game though.
We had an undefeated season and one tie (not a loss)
which was perfect.
then i found out we actually play for a trophy!!

First game was rocky but we all pulled together as a team and
kicked but. Came back from a 13-4 loss and won by 1.
Final score 14-13!!

Second game was way more fun!
It was a tough game to.
We had a team fighting their hardest to win...
Final score 11-8 I believe.

Fun times.
Great people!
Happy to be a Champ!!

Thanks to my team mates for letting
me be the new kid on the block!!
I had fun!!


Sunday Love - With Sports Become Friendships

Soccer has become one of the main sources for our children to make
friends. The families of which our team is made up
of are wonderfully fun and trustworthy.

Yesterday at Aprils' game I was talking to one of the moms
about how important i thought it would be for the girls to get together
and do fun things outside of soccer.
Friendship and trust is important to grow between
the girls and the families.

Some of Aprils' closes friends
are apart of her soccer team.
We celebrate together, party together,
hang out together.

I love the family feel of the team. I look forward to the friendships
my children will build and the ones that will
expand for us parents!!


Fast, Cheap and Easy - Homemade Chili

When ever I make this chili everyone asks for the recipe.
Even though it is my recipe I am always willing to share.
On average this meal cost under $5 bucks to cook.
Today I doubled the recipe because I knew
I would need leftovers for football Sunday.
I will give the original 8 serving recipe at the end of the post.

Photos of prep :
First i brown the meat. This you can do any
way you see fit and can use any meat you like.
My family loves garlic so it was seasoned while
browning with tons of garlic. I do not drain my
meat because we like the garlic grease in the chili.
I do recommend draining before putting in your crock-pot.
I don't believe in finely chopped when it
comes to chili. I give a rough chop of all the
veggies and set them aside until I add the with everything else.
Everything and the kitchen sink....
really though its what it seems like when
you add it to your crock-pot.

Seasoning (our favorite) is added plus a
little for taste once in the crock-pot.
I make a little whole in the middle of the
meat so that i have a little extra room for
the rest of the yumminess to be added.

Let it simmer for about 4 hours in the
crock-pot then serve with corn bread. YUM!
1 lb browned ground beef
2 tbs chili powder
1 tbs ground cumin
1 small sweet yellow onion, chopped
1 green bell pepper, chopped
1 can (drained) kettle corn
1 can black beans
1 can ranch style beans
1 can stewed tomatoes
*cook in crock-pot for 4 hours on high serve with corn bread.


As They Grow- I Grow

Watching my kids grow up is fascinating. Seeing all the funny, silly and not so cute things they do makes it all worth it. There have been those days when i have lost sleep, couldn't eat and just straight out felt like I couldn't breathe. Every mom has those days. Some can own up to them some push them under the rug. Yes, I have wished Ebay would let me sell them :).

Even on those days, I simply look at my children. Each different in their own right and fall in love. I remember why its not worth getting mad, or raising my voice. I remember why I love getting dirty and rolling on the ground with them. I remember those moments when my kids say, "your the best mommy ever!".

April is now a little lady with the most dorkiest personality you will ever see. This year she lucked out and found her self a great teach who lets her express herself and have some freedom when it comes to who she wants to be. April is a friend maker. She is sweet and out going. Everyone loves to have April around. She works hard at school, setting her own goals and fighting hard to stick to them. This year besides her straight A's and E's she wants perfect attendance and citizenship awards. April is rocking it out on her soccer team. What a great group of girls!! She is my oldest but is my baby. Those moments we get to cuddle in total peace is healing to my soul!!

Havanna now 6. Wow where did the time go!?! She is such a loving big personality type of kid. She is naturally a goof ball and enjoys making everyone around her laugh. Havanna, now in school, enjoys learning and making her very own friends. She is awesomely great at telling a joke. She will be a star one day. Havanna will be starting gymnastics soon. Something she is already so good at. She has a kind heart and is always looking to make you a friend. She is very in to God wanting to teach everyone she can about Him. Havanna loves to eat even though we have yet to figure out where she puts it all. A running joke with close family friends is how hungry she always is. Havanna is amazing and she makes me remember what true silliness is all about. She causes me to smile even when at the moment i don't think its possible.
Tatiana my 3 1/2 year old who is my mini me. If ever a child could remind me so much of me it would be her. Tatiana is a sweet child but you must now she is a tough cookie. She is a loving little girl who can be a rough and tumbled kind of kid with the best of them. She is always wanting her "apple pie" that her grandpa George got her addicted to. Tatiana is a smart little girl waiting for her turn to got to school. She is my music child. Tatiana can listen to a song once and know the words. She loves to sing and dance and enjoys the good fun times in her day. Tatiana has brought to light the need to stop and enjoy the small moments in my day. She is a fighter but most of all a lover.
Cristofer is my baby. 2 1/2 now hes getting big. HE is mommys little football player. My son has become a master of getting away with things. He is my only child who has ever repeated things he shouldn't and made us laugh before correcting his naughty behavior. Cristofer is a fighter by all means. With 3 big sisters could you expect anything less. He is the child who reminds me everyday that a hug is all it takes. He makes me smile and encourages me to stay grounded. Just when i thought i had the parenting thing figured out, he comes along and switches up the game. Cristofer is shy and reserved but once he knows you he will talk you ear off. He is a welcome addition to my heart and his smile warms my day!!

My family is my family, with every mishap and happy moment and everything in between. I love watching my kids grow and learning about them everyday. Seeing who they are becoming and watching the chocies they make. Being a mom is way more then what i thought it would be. I may have lost my self somewhere in the mix but i find my self daily in each one of them. The are my sanity, they are my heart. With each beat of theirs there is a beat of mine. I am a blessed woman and i am learning to take a look each at each day and smile. The picture is pretty neat when i slow down enough to watch it.