The Year In Review -- 2010

It was a fun 2010 if i say so myself.
I was thinking about talking about all the things that
have happened in the world. Yet i didnt think it
would be fitting since all i can think of is what has happened
in my children's life's.So i will just take a min to talk
about all the fun stuff that has happened in
their life's and my hubs and mine.

My children all grew a year older.
April: Excelled in kinder and is enjoying first grade.
Earning perfect attendance in both grades and in
first grade earning AB honor roll as well as other
awards. She excelled in her reading levels
and is enjoying her math.

Havanna: Ready to go to school she counted down to
her 5th birthday. She is excited to go to school.
Havanna has learned her ABC's, the sounds and
recognition. Havanna is learning to read and is teaching
her self a ton of gymnastic moves.

Tatiana: A smart little chickie, has learned how to count to 35,
her ABC's and her shapes. She enjoy watching PBS Sprout
and playing with her big sisters. After starting a new
church she became very comfortable in her class
learning many new things.

Cristofer: Walk and running like a mad man, he has gotten
so big. He is almost fully talking and is a goof ball.
Cristofer can count to 10 and knows his
ABC song. He is in love with the wiggles.

As for my hubs and i we are very blessed to have
bought a home with my father, who
has blessed us with moving to vegas to be with us.
We have our ups and downs with work but
can say it is all for a great higher plan.
I have helped at the school for most of the year.
Erik is doing great in school, and is closer to attain
his degree. I played softball for my churches tam and learned
its not like riding a bike. You cant just hop back on :)
but it was super fun. We started at
a new church and met many new people that have
become a bigpart of our life's. Coming in 2011 April
will be getting baptized.
We lost a family member this past year
and i have to say that in the year to come
we know he will be looking down on us.

So that is the basic year of my family. We have had our
smiles and our tears. We have looked forward to tomorrow
and wanted to go back to yesterday. I can truly say that
we are looking forward to this new year. A fresh
start a new 365 days to live our life's.

Happy New Years

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