What a day in my life of a 50's Housewife will be like

The typical day will pretty much be the same each day. There are things that need to be done each day, things that i might now be falling behind on for what ever clever excuse i can come up with. I know that there are few ladies doing this with me so i thought i would share what my day will look like for the most part. I can guarantee i wont list everything simply because these days have yet to come about yet. This might give you another out look to why i am doing this and what habits i hope to take from this little experiment. Well we can just call it a challenge.

May day will typically start around 4:30 or 5 am depending on what my day holds for me.

-I will be waking up 2-3 hours before my family to shower dress fully and have devotional time. I will then start on a hot breakfast( 2-3 hot meals a day) and wake my children to dress with the clothing that i took out the night before.

-While everyone is eating i will be washing up the kitchen cleaning as i go of course to make my day a little more easier.

- On a school day i will be going over anything with my child that is needed for that day of school.

- While my oldest is going over sight words or reading i will be setting up the younger three with Your Baby Can Read (yes it works) and making lunch for the children and for my oldest to take to school

- After spending about 20- 45 mins at the school i will be coming home to do homeschool with the three youngest.

- We will sit for lunch and wash up for nap time.

-While the children are asleep i will be doing my zone cleaning for that day (flylady) and preparing for dinner.

-Towards the end of nap time i will take about 20 -30 mins for my self to relax or work out depending which day it is.

- We will have afternoon snack and wash up for free play

- Will be picking up my oldest from school and coming home to do homework.

- During the remaining time of free play i will get dinner finished up and the table set. Washing up and looking suitable for my husband.

- I will start my before bedtime routine with my family once dinner is finished.

- After prayers and story time children will be sent to bed. I will take time out to listen to my husbands day listening adoringly as i would want him to listen to me.

- I will prepare for the next day and take some time out for my self before going to bed.

Now each day will most likely have added task such as hobby time with friends, get together's, dinners and field trips. My days before this have been pretty non stop with a lot of laziness so i think it is about time to get off my tush. Each person and home runs things differently, mine is more Christ driven then anything which is why i have taken time to have devotional time. I have a very supportive husband who when i am not up to doing something will pick up the slack. Whether he has worked a ten hour day or has had a day off. I gather it is time for me to show appreciation back :)


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  4. So I've been back reading about your challenge and WOW!! This sounds AMAZING!!! I totally and completely agree with you and oh so wish I lived in the 50's...plus maybe high speed internet ;). You are a super woman! Keep up the awesome work. I can't wait to hear more about this challenge!!! LOVE IT!

  5. I need to get off my tush too! Thanks for a swift kick in the behind. No, Really!